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Karahayıt's original red-colored healing thermal water and thermal sludge from its main source, which is "58" in all seasons of the year, is a unique source of health with the rich minerals it contains, according to the report given by the Ege University hydroclimatology institute. In the tourist facilities in Karahayit (Hotels, Apart Hotels and Hostels) you will find many diseases and health problems due to Red Water and Thermal Mud.

In the form of bathroom applications;
* In the complementary treatment of orthopedic and neurological sequelae rehabilitation,
* Rheumatic diseases
* Sciatica, waist-neck hernia, calcification
* Circulatory system diseases and sedation feature
* Diseases requiring neurological rehabilitation
* Elimination of postoperative stiffness and stiffness
* Women's diseases
* Rehabilitation of all stress-related diseases
* Insomnia and tiredness
* Revitalization of hair, nails and skin cells
* Skin and skin diseases
* Removal of contractures of fractures to remove the contractures
* Elimination of Adele spasms
Gout disease, neuralgia, neuritis, arthrosis, treatment of colitis diseases.

Using in the form of drinking water applications;
* Functional disorders of upper gastrointestinal system,
* In case of stomach and esophagus
* In bone resorption, urolithiasis and calcium need
It can be used as complementary treatment.

Using as mud bath; the sludge in the water
* skin softening,
* Opening pores,
* Cellulite and crack treatment and recovery effect
* Acne and acne removal with antiseptic effect
* Wrinkles removal, absorptive warts

Red water and thermal mud;
Kidney stone, rheumatism, sciatica, calcification, women and skin diseases, lumbar and neck hernia, digestion, stomach, intestine, liver, safrayolları, diabetes, eczema, increasing body resistance, metobolism disorders have been proven to be extremely healing in the treatment.

In many of our touristic facilities, you can benefit from red water and thermal sludge 24 hours a day, by physicians and physiotherapists under the constant control of physical therapy, rehabilitation, treatment of rheumatism, masseur and masseuse can heal your disease, renew your spirit, can regain the stress of life.

Accelerates blood circulation, provides relaxation by solving spasm, pains
Fixes. It has a calming and soothing effect. Time and stress
Helps to protect the skin's elasticity and resilience.

The sludge from the thermal waters in the mud pool is applied to the necessary areas of the body. Reduces joint pain, rheumatic diseases, arthritis, cellulite, is effective in the treatment of fractures. Removes wrinkles, absorber warts.

- Applicable exchange rate: 10-20 minutes, including 10-15 days.
- Shock treatment can be done with hot-cold – hot bath application.
- It is recommended that you pass the doctor check before all applications.